Saturday, September 8, 2012


Ahh, Anger rises up yet again.
Boiling, heating, rushing through your blood.
You bring a new deffintion to hot blooded.
It rises to your hand, you last out
Blood on the floor
your wife sits there crying
Her cheeck drips blood slowly.
The hatred just radiates from her eyes now
She can't leave
you wont let her
She tried and you almost killed her.
-Michelle Dawn


I see her standing there
standing so strong,
looking without a care.
You'd never guess
what she keeps inside.
All the hate and pain.
She locks it all up,
So who has the key?
You'd never guess, but I do.
I opened her up, and the things youd see
would make you hate.
Would make you see why shes so strong.
Why you're so wrong.
She's the strongest girl
The strongest I've ever seen.
She's been through so much,
but still so adoring in each and every way.
-Michelle Dawn


I hate this place
full of sorrow and tears
I've never done 
a thing right here
In this place 
where friends turn
you lose those your closest to.
They leave without a second glance
yeah, that's what we call friends.
Sometimes I think about home. 
I loved it there,
yet then I was so innocent. 
Were things as I thought? 
Or is it just time playing on memories? 
If I could go back, 
to the place I call home, 
would I stay?
Or would I go?
But most of all, would you care? 

Not Enough

I give up on everything.
Don’t care about a thing.
Acting like I’m okay.
So tired of smiling the pain away.
Not sure I can take it.
Not even for a little bit.
Stabbed in the back.
What is it that I lack?
Feeling pretty low.
Where’d the love go?
I’ll say that I’m fine,
Living so divine.
Just another cover.
Only so you won’t hover.
No more acting strong.
Not when everythings all wrong.
I know it’ll be alright.
Just maybe not tonight.
I need a little time,
And something to call mine.
Give me a moment to heal.
It seems all too surreal.

One Breath

If I had one last breath left.
What would I say?
Something sweet, oh so sweet.
something for you.
To you I'd say,
You make the sun shine,
when it rains.
You make me smile,
when I'm crying.
You're the calm,
In the middle of the storm.
You're logic,
when I'm crazy.
The air I need,
when I suffocate.
Listening when I rant.
I'd say to you,
that I love you with all my heart.
I promise we'll make it through,
Nothing can stop us now.
I'll give you my heart, my soul, and my body
-Michelle Barrow(:

Three Part Harmony

The walls are the only ones to hear my tears,
no one see's this fake smile
thats been holding on for all these miles
I feel like I'm losing you
and I don't know what to do

I feel all these temptations
They're creeping up on me
I can already feel the sensation
Razor blades do for me

I'm starting to realize
All of this was nothing real
You told me nothing but lies
I'm moving on
To someone so much better
-Michelle Dawn

The Silence

Silent tears fill the night
Only the walls can see
The hurt and pain that’s inside
No one can see her heart break
For all the tears she sheds
Another pill she will take
Silent tears fill the night
Only the music isn’t keeping her alive
No point in living
If no one cares
It’s not like she matters
The face he doesn’t love her
Is just unbearable
Silent tears fill the night
As she holds the razor to her skin
She thinks maybe he’d notice
She sliced and the crimson poured
How her life could have been
 But no one will know,
She thought he would care
If he knew she cried
For him in the night
Would it matter?
That she died for him?
-Michelle Dawn